The Discord

Discord is a social media platform with text and voice chat, instant messaging, and more! It’s mostly used for gaming but works well for other collaborations too – like this mysterious hunt. A discord “group” is called a server, and the different “rooms” in it are called channels.

The #tuataria discord server is home to a diverse group of nerdfighters from around the world. We’re named after the Tuatara that John decided to center his hunt around (which is NOT a lizard, by the way). We work together to solve the forum password each Tuesday, but also hang out the rest of the week to chat and make a LOT of inside jokes and google docs. Because we have members of all ages and backgrounds, we have a few basic rules if you want to join in the fun:

  1. Inappropriate behavior in Tuataria includes, but is not limited to: sharing explicit material (videos/articles/pictures); hateful language or actions (whether those actions are intentional OR unintentional); illegal activities or discussion of illegal activities (trolling, raiding, hacking); doxxing (the sharing/exposing of another person’s information or identification when not authorized to do so)
  2. We ask that members refrain from explicit sexual content including nudity of any kind, and depictions or discussions of sexual acts (especially using graphic language)
  3. In order to support members of this community, we want to foster a sense of inclusivity and openness. If members need support with issues surrounding coming out, or experiences with understanding themselves or others complexly, we want those conversations to happen in a way that is safe.
  4. If something makes you uncomfortable and/or makes you feel unsafe, please contact a mod/admin.
  5. Do not assume that because someone does not speak up about being uncomfortable or unsafe they are giving consent.
  6. No racism, sexism, or homophobia of any kind.
  7. Keep all discussion in the appropriate channel. Brief tangents are fine, but don’t talk about peanut butter face for 20 minutes in #onthehunt
  8. No spoiling the password in ANY channel.
  9. DFTBA!

The basic main channels in Tuataria are:

  • #general: General conversation among nerdfighters
  • #welcome / #not_so_general: On Tuesdays, a #welcome channel is set up for new members to introduce themselves and ask non-hunt questions. The rest of the week, #not_so_general is a second “side room” for chatting if #general gets too busy.
  • #onthehunt: Clue solving and password hunting. Hints welcome when requested, but NO REVEALING THE PASSWORD.
  • #therabbithole: So you’ve solved all the clues? Discuss and speculate with other Nerdfighters on what’s in the forum and what’s to come. Spoilers inside!
  • Channels that start with #voice are chat conversations for their associated voice/talk channels
  • There are more channels for specific topics, projects, or events – don’t worry about jumping into all of them at once 🙂

That sounds good to me. How do I find this discord?