The Hunt

Oh boy, where do we start…

  • John is doing a thing; nobody is quite sure what it is.
  • The first week of the hunt led us to a forum at┬áNew sections are added each week, with cryptic posts from John (although he will deny it’s him if you ask).
  • Each section is behind a different password, and John’s Tuesday Vlogbrothers videos contain clues to that password. These clues usually involve searching YouTube, social media, Wikipedia, and/or Google in general.
  • Check the pinned comment on the vlogbrothers video ‘On Motivation’ for clues and sleuthing on the first password to get you started.
  • As the forum got larger and John hinted that the password hunts would be a longer-term project, a group was set up on Discord for better communication, and has grown a lot since then!

Okay, tell me more about this Discord!