Hello World


Let it be known that this was not my idea; I’d be much happier chilling out in my office, eating eucalyptus and occasionally smashing a troll. But apparently you people “miss me” or something like that, so my boss decided I should do this. So this will be the place where I…put stuff? I don’t know, whatever I feel like writing at the time will go here. As for a schedule… I’ll post whenever I feel like it, who do you think I am?

It’s just occurred to me that there might be a bunch of you who don’t actually know who I am. Damn.

Well, I’m your not so friendly neighborhood security koala. I make sure your time in Tuataria stays pleasant and safe… well as pleasant and safe as it can be, considering my boss is sort of an ass. I help out the modmin team with administrative tasks as well. Most of the time I stay hidden in my office, if you see me out in public it probably means I’m yelling at somebody.

Of course, some of you might know that I wasn’t always that way… but that’s a story for another time.