About Tuataria

It’s impossible to give an accurate description of Tuataria – even if you asked someone who has been a part of it since day one.  ‘A beautiful mess’ maybe comes close.

Having said that, here is some of the general stuff you may want to know about:

Some frequently asked questions about Tuataria!

  • We have a lot of channels. Probably too many, and you’re welcome to mute any that don’t interest you. All of the channels and their purposes are listed here.
  • You can obviously come hang out whenever you want, but we do hold *some* scheduled events and plan on holding even more!
  • We like docs. A lot. There’s a folder with a whole bunch of them you can find in the Discord’s #useful_info channel. They will seem overwhelming at first, but most of them are optional. There is a folder of “Essentials” with more information about the community and how to use discord, so try and check those out. There are also docs, sheets, images, and videos for The Hunt, major and mini projects, and general silliness. Most new projects are also posted in the #announcements channel.
  • Tuataria is managed by a team of fantastic modmins (if we do say so ourselves)! Message any of them if you have any questions or need any help (although all of our members are pretty helpful).
  • We’re an official Discord Partner! The main benefit that this gives us is access to higher quality VIP voice servers and a custom invite splash screen.


It was designed by our very own skye, with the tuatara outline traced by guster. 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. So, if you love community and don’t hate charity (and can afford it) check it out!
Tuataria's Shirt: It's a Tuatara DFTBA