We have…a lot of channels in Tuataria. It’s too many for post people, and you’re welcome to mute channels for topics and areas you’re not interested in. But we’re hoping that Discord FINALLY adding categories/folders helps. There may also be temporary voice or text channels added for events or projects that may not make the list below.

  • #rules and #useful_info: Rules, info, and important links for Tuataria. This won’t change often, but if you do see a new post you should read it – it’s going to be an important change!

Server & Community Business

  • #announcements: Modmins will post announcements, news, events, etc. here! We try to stick to things that apply to everyone in the community, and clear out outdated announcements as needed. Please keep this unmuted!
  • #bulletin_board: Members can post projects, events, internet groups, and other things they’re working on to get input or interest. It can be anything from the start of an idea, looking for help doing it, to a participation form for a rock solid plan. Pins are used for community-led TLDRs.
  • #town_hall: Feedback, ideas, questions, discussion, and and more for MAKING TUATARIA AWESOME. We’ll also post open notes from modmin meetings here, and members can discuss suggestions and changes here anytime (although the easiest way to give feedback is using our Feedback Form, so all modmins will see it and it gets on the next meeting agenda).
  • #ryans_playground: Keep most of Ryan’s bot commands here, to not clutter other channels. Type ;help to get a full list.


  • #welcome_tuatarians: Say hello and ask questions if you’re new (or just confused).
  • #general: For, well, general chatting about anything and everything. This is the main channel for the discord and where people hang out most of the time. It can move pretty fast and sometimes get overwhelming when there are a lot of people on, which is why we have #not_so_general and the topic-specific channels.
  • #not_so_general: The back porch to the living room that is #general. If there are a lot of people in #general, or two different conversations are going on there, people can hop over to #not_so_general for a chiller experience.

John and Hank TBD

  • #the_green_room: Even though we’re a community of nerdfighters, the server has become about so much more that now we need a space JUST for nerdfighter things! Talk about John, Hank, vlogbrothers, complexly – basically anything those Green brothers are in on.
  • #tatwd_spoilers: For, well, spoilers from TATWD (Turtles All The Way Down)! Steer clear if you haven’t finished the book yet, but once you have ALL SPOILERS FOR TATWD are fair game here!
  • #tatwd_mental_health: For discussion of TATWD spoilers related specifically to the mental health aspects of the book. This is to keep aspects of the book that may be triggering in a single space that people can choose to participate in or avoid as needed.
  • #onthehunt: Clue solving and password hunting. If you’re catching up, you can ask for help here. Members also create and host their own puzzles and hunts, which will happen here – check the calendar! Hints for any hunts are fine in this channel when requested, but DO NOT spoil the passwords! Pins contain links to google guides (minimal hunt spoilers) and the Tuatara Report (hunt spoilers), and comments from John and Rosianna.
  • #therabbithole: Discussion and speculation about what the hunts led to, and general TATWD hype. There may be spoilers for forum post content here, but otherwise NO TATWD SPOILERS. Some messages from John and Rosianna and major summaries are pinned.
  • #convention_center: Used (and sometimes renamed) for vidcons, nerdcons, book tours, and other big events and meetups! For both coordination, and sharing IRL experiences with the rest of the community.
  • #john_question_chat: An archive of two Q&As from The Real John Green (yes, we got proof) from February 28 and September 18.


  • #the_dork_side: Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as nerd and nerdfighter! Also considered the “nerdlife” or “fandom” channel, a place to find fandom friends, share videos and info you find interesting. And lots of EXCITED YELLING!
  • #fitness: Doing your own 100 Days? Want some advice for something new to try? Just want to brag about your great workout? Share it here!
  • #food: Recipes, cooking questions and tips, comparing the weird things each of our countries eat, food glamor shots – it’s all here!
  • #holidays: Talkin’ about holidays around the world, traditions, similarities, differences.
  • #literature: This channel is for all forms of reading material – books, plays, poetry, and more!
    Pins are used for recommendation docs and groups.
  • #over_the_rainbow: Somewhere over the Tuatarian rainbow… talk about issues of gender, sexuality, and identity with the community. Be sure to check the pinned posts for guidelines for chatting here to keep it a safe place for everyone!
  • #pets: Land of the FLOOFS! All pet photos welcome, or just come for a visit. Unarguably the happiest place in Tuataria, and maybe the entire internet.
  • #philosophy_spirituality: A place for nerdfighters to have authentic dialogue around religion, philosophy, and more. Be sure to check the pinned posts for guidelines for chatting here to keep it a safe place for everyone!
  • #politics: Headfirst, into the abyss. Topic-specific chat for local, domestic, and international politics.
  • #scitech: Let’s talk about science, technology, and all the wonderful things in the world! Topic-specific channel for STEM and more.
  • #sports: Bald John Green, John Green. He gives it all for the team. Topic-specific chat for all types of sporting events.

Education and Advice

  • #coding: Get help and share resources for the original geeky pursuit. All languages and platforms welcome!
  • #how_to_human: Taxes? Job interview? Going to college? Doing your laundry? Ask and answer all the burning questions about, well, How to Human (And check out the How to Adult YouTube channel, sometimes hosted by Hank!)
  • #language_exchange: For conversations in languages besides English, whether you want to brush up or you’re already fluent! Start your message with the language you’re speaking in bold.
  • #linguistics: This channel is dedicated to English conversations about language, especially linguistics!
  • #school_help: Panic! at the Discord. Over 70% of our members are students of some kind, and 100% are smart and awesome. Help with an assignment, college application advice, study tips, etc.


  • #creative: Have something you made that you want to share? This is the place! Add a plus sign (+) to your post if you want your work archived. Stay tuned – we’re working on a tumblr for more art sharing. All mediums, materials, types, etc. are welcome!
  • #writing: For talk on the writing process, feedback on drafts, ideas and prompts, and more!

Voice Channels

Having trouble with connecting to voice or using Push to Talk? Check out the discord basics page.

We have two voice channels to allow for a few conversations at once – and can add temporary channels for events as needed. Both voice_1 and voice_2 have associated text channels for people who can’t speak in voice to listen and participate, or for sharing links/pics/etc.

If either channel has a name after or instead of the number, it’s being used as a temporary event/collaboration channel (e.g. #voice_onthehunt or #tuataratown).

#voice_productivity can be used for accountability when you need to GET STUFF DONE. Don’t worry if people are in there, hop right in!

The AFK channel is for users who step away from their computer but stay connected to voice for a long time or leave their mic on and are interrupting with background noise. We don’t have it set to automatically move people to AFK, so you can ask a modmin who’s around to move someone if needed. Users connected to this channel will be automatically muted and deafened there, so don’t join trying to chat with whoever’s in there.