Discord allows for custom emoji, and we have definitely taken advantage of that feature. Some are related to Nerdfighteria inside jokes, some to Tuataria inside jokes. (Hopefully useful) explanations are given below. A list of previous emoji is also at the bottom.

Discord Code Image Description
:brainsoup:  width= Thinking too hard causes brainsoup, if you persevere eventually a butterfly comes out
:breathe:  width= Laughing too hard can cause people needing a reminder to breathe
:charizardthismofo:  width= Do the thing! From the Dear Hank & John Podcast
:corndog:  width= Used to lure Hank
:davethefish:  width= Dave the fish, an embodiment of Dave Green from Hank’s Project for Awesome livestream
:dftba:  width= DFTBA crest!
:docs:  width= Docs. Enough said.
:dumpsterfire:  width= 2016 (everything about it)
:exception:  width= Mongols are always the exception
:feather:  width= Hope is a thing with feathers. So is Koana Lisa.
:flag: Flag The official flag of Tuataria, designed by skye and bones and chosen by the citizens.
:ftl:  width= French the Llama
:giantsquidofanger:  width= When things make you angry you are a giant squid of anger
:ginandtonic:  width= Lure/gift for Rosianna
:goala:  width= When @rosegold read “goala” (already a typo) like a guy yelling “GOAAALLLLLLLLLL” in soccer
:hamilton:  width= Hamilton is due to the Hamilton obsessions and the amount of times we breakinto Hamilton lyrics. #hamiltonchat
:hanklerfish:  width= Based on the anglerfish song/drawing made by Hank
:harrypotato:  width= A potato that is Harry Potter, AKA Harry Tater
:hwkoala:  width= Derpy Homework koala needs no explanation. But it does help encourage others to do their homework!
:johntrap:  width= Used to lure John. Combination of the previous snickers and Dr Pepper emoji
:koalaninja:  width= A Koala that is a ninja
:koalaaa:  width= Koala!
:koalahug:  width= Sometimes you just need a hug from a koala. But don’t hug them in real life, they usually have chlamydia.
:koanalisa:  width= Koanalisa…
:logo:  width= The “official” tuataria logo, also a shirt on DFTBA!
:motherucker:  width= Charlotte drew a koala and everyone thought it was creepy. The first text reaction was a typo, “motherucker.” It is now commonly used for bad puns.
:nocents:  width= Pennies are stupid and make no cents. GET IT?
:noedge:  width= The universe has no edge. Hank had an existential crisis about it. John got testy about the crisis.
:noot:  width= Noooooot!
(Nooting is when someone is trying to spell a word in reaction emoji, and they are interrupted with an unrelated emoji)
:okayokay:  width= Okay? Okay Cloud from The Fault in Our Stars. Combination of the previous Okay? and Okay emoji.
:omgitsburning:  width= Podcast reference, Food burning, general panic.
:peep:  width= Early brotherhood 2.0 reference: the peep challenge.
:pettibon:  width= isnotid’s avatar on the forum and a Pettibon painting. John’s request for an emoji representing himself.
:pizzajohn:  width= You know what this one is.
:pregaroo:  width= This is pregaroo. it is a pregnant kangaroo (or at least Nutmeg’s attempt at drawing one during Google Quick Draw). What, you don’t find that funny? you don’t think it’s a kangaroo? what kind of HEATHENASS DEVIL SPAWN ARE YOU?
:purpletank:  width= Podcast reference: *to the rhythm of stacey’s mom* “John and Hank have got a purple tank!”
Also used for Jessie when she enters the chat, along with the phrase “HERE COMES THE GENERAL”
:selfcarebunny:  width= Rosianna’s advice for personal care.
:selflovebird:  width= Similar to Self Care Bunny
:singamajig:  width= It makes different pitches when you squeeze the stomach. John has mixed feelings about it.
:SLEEP:  width= Used to send people to sleep because people here just DO NOT GO TO SLEEP AND REQUIRE EMOJI TO BE COMPELLED TO GO
:willy:  width= Willy: John’s very cute Dread Pirate dog with a peg leg and an eyepatch.
:yaaaaar:  width= Cheez doodles Guy! Shows excitement
:yourewelcome: You're Welcome You’re Welcome.

Event-Specific or Recurring

Discord Code Image Description
:lighter:  width= Used in open mic nights

Dearly Departed Emoji

Discord Code Image Description
:cheeto:  width= Trump. RIP March 8
:dorito:  width= Dorito explosion conversation (there is a doc of it). RIP April 9
:dunny:  width= If you don’t follow the self-care bunny you get a dunce bunny. RIP March 8
:ET:  width= First google result when searching “Dancing ET” because Meg (megood18) is a dancing alien
:giraffelove:  width= Thumbnail that caused many views on Brotherhood 2.0. RIP April 13
:honkgren:  width= Typos turned into a visit from the Gren brothers. RIP March 12
:johngren:  width= Typos turned into a visit from the Gren brothers. RIP March 12
:jurassicmars:  width= The epic action movie coming eventually to a podcast near you. Combination of the previous T-Rex and Mars emoji. RIP April 9
:koaladog:  width= Joins the love of corndogs and Koalas. RIP Feb 15
:Koalanerdfighter:  width= Koala-fied Nerdfighter Crest for koalafied nerdfighters. RIP March 26
:ryan:  width= From the fake project get 378 Ryan signatures to John and Hank. Also, WE ARE ALL RYANS. RIP March 15
:simon:  width= Podcast reference: They decided to talk about chipmunks a lot. Check out the munkepedia. RIP March 15
:sloth:  width= Used for procrastination from work. RIP March 8
:suffering:  width= A reference to something that happened in a streaming game over #Voice_2 by Elle. You may see him pop up personified by Chin. RIP Feb 27
:starbucks:  width= St. Arbucks, patron saint of coffee lovers everywhere. Also unofficial emoji for knorq. RIP Apr 9
:tuataragottaeat:  width= Tuataras gotta eat. Duh. RIP March 15
:wimbly:  width= Wimbly Womblys, John’s FIFA team. RIP March 2