SteveTuataria has two (sometimes three) custom bots; their names are Steve, Stitch, and Molly. Steve and Stitch were coded by Jonathan (the Enchilada one), and Molly was coded by Jonathan (the Belgian one). Allison is a big help with bug hunting.

Steve was the original Tuataria bot, created a few months after the server was born. His current job is to keep the server safe and secure, and help the modmins out with the day to day running of the server. He’s a grumpy old koala, and you can read about his adventures here.

Stitch (yes that Stitch) is the newest bot, and he has a variety of convenient and fun commands you can use. He has his own channel in the Server & Community Business category: #stitchsisland. You can send “e;help” in that channel to see a list of all his commands (the “e” is for experiment).

Molly is the third bot, and she only comes around sometimes. Her job is to help out with the Kindness Challenge, which is a great event that happens a couple times a year in Tuataria. You can find out more about it here!