About Discord

Check out a visual guide to some of Discord’s main features (the desktop version; mobile coming soon!), or check out a specific topic below.

Voice chat

Apart from text chat, you can also use your lovely voice to connect with other Nerdfighters. You’ll find the voice channels on the left side, under the text channels. Joining one is a very similar process to joining a text channel: you simply click on the name of the voice channel you wish to enter.

(Muting yourself and just listening in on the conversation is fine too; we do it all the time. If you still wish to communicate while muted, you can use the corresponding text channel that has the same name as each voice channel)

During Cluesdays voice chat gets very full, which is why enabling Push To Talk is often recommended.


Messages in a channel can be ‘pinned’ by modmins. Checking pins in #general or other channels you frequent is recommended if you haven’t been to Tuataria in a while. They may be related to the hunt, a Tuataria project, an inside joke, or generally exciting or interesting news, and are usually temporary (from an hour to a few days). The pins can be found at the top right corner.

Text effects (strike-through, bold, italics, …)

Discord uses Markdown for text formatting and effects. The most useful ones are:

  • Italics: *text here* OR _text here_
  • Bold: **text here**
  • Strike-through: ~~text here~~

Discord has a great search feature, which can be found in the top right corner. Click on the search box to see a handy list of advanced search features.


Discord has a lot of the traditional emoji you’d find anywhere, but in addition to that, it allows for 50 custom emoji per server. We’ve made enthusiastic use of this feature, and new ones are created constantly. They range from Nerdfighteria-wide in-jokes to very spontaneous ones that only live for a few hours.

To use an emoji, type :emoji-name: . If you’re on desktop or Android, you can access the entire list of available emoji, including custom ones, by clicking the icon on the right side of the bar you type messages in. On iOS, you’ll have to know its name (or scroll through the entire list that pops up when you type the first ‘:’).

You can also react to a message using emoji, by clicking on the smiley face/plus icon that shows up when you hover over a message. On some mobile devices that haven’t gotten the latest updates, you may only be able to do this after someone else reacts to the message first. If your app is up to date, a long press on the relevant message should reveal an ‘Add reaction’ option.

Mobile Discord applications

If you find yourself enjoying hanging out in Tuataria, you may want to access it outside of your browser. Good news: you can do that! There are Android and iOS apps, as well as desktop versions. We’ve noticed that voice chat tends to work better in the application version, so if you have trouble on that front in the browser version, you might want to try downloading the app.