Join us in Tuataria!


Yeah, it's kind of a long story. But the short version is, we're a community of nerdfighters that formed around John's scavenger hunt leading up to his announcement about Turtles All the Way Down. The hunt gave us a clue every week in John's Tuesday video or a comment on that video, and led us to a password for a board on The last hunt was after John's big VidCon book announcement (we got a shoutout!) which led us to something pretty special. As far as we know, the hunt is over, but John didn't rule out one-off clues in the future! We're now creating our own hunts, puzzles, events, media, google docs, and community in our discord server

Because we have members of all ages and backgrounds, we have a few basic rules if you want to join in the fun (more deets in #rules once you join):

  1. First and foremost, we follow the Discord Community Guidelines.
  2. Inappropriate behavior in Tuataria (posts, avatars, usernames, and nicknames) includes but is not limited to: hateful language or actions; explicit material; illegal activity
  3. If someone says they are feeling distressed or triggered by a conversation in an open channel or a DM with another Tuatarian, please turn the bus around and move to another topic. If you are feeling like this and don’t feel safe asking for it to stop, please DM a modmin.
  4. Do not assume that because someone does not speak up about being uncomfortable that they are giving consent; however, in the case that someone does ask you to stop, respect that. Tuataria has a zero tolerance policy for harassment.
  5. Tuataria is empathetic and welcoming but please keep in mind that we are not trained therapists or mental health professionals. We want to avoid conversations you would otherwise have with a professional.
  6. Try to keep all discussion in the appropriate channel.
  7. Be careful about the information you share about yourself and others in public channels and DMs.
  8. Do not tag, DM, spam their name, or otherwise bother John, Rosianna, or other hunt/DFTBA/Complexly people.
  9. No spoiling hunt passwords in ANY channel.
  10. DFTBA!

Also because we have members of all ages and backgrounds, we have some additional Safeguarding Guidelines.

The basic main channels in Tuataria are:

  • #welcome_newatarians: Come introduce yourself and ask questions! (We're a lot to take in at once, we know)
  • #general: General conversation among nerdfighters
  • John and Hank category: Vlogbrothers, Complexly, TATWD, AART, and the hunt!
  • Channels that start with #voice are chat conversations for their associated voice/talk channels
  • There are more channels for specific topics, projects, or events - don't worry about jumping into all of them at once 🙂

Okay, just answer this quick question below to get into Tuataria! (It acts like a captcha to keep out robots, Decepticons, and the like)