Welcome to Tuataria!

tuataria logoWelcome to Tuataria! We are a weird, weird place where Nerdfighters can hang out, solve puzzles, help and support each other, share our creative work and knowledge, and laugh a LOT. It’s impossible to give an accurate description of Tuataria – even if you asked someone who has been a part of it since day one.  ‘A beautiful mess’ maybe comes close.

Tuataria is named after the tuatara, a reptile from New Zealand that is at the center of John Green’s scavenger hunt…and (spoiler alert for 2017) his new book.

Some frequently asked questions about Tuataria!

Upcoming events

Anyone can host an event! This calendar includes “”official”” server events like meetings, and any events organized by a community member like readalongs, open mics, trivia, watch parties, gaming together, and LOTS more. We try to get everything posted in #bulletin_board on the calendar, but if something gets missed let modmin Allison know. Any Any modmin can also help with the emcee role, signup forms, how to word an announcement, etc.

Everything on the calendar on this page displays in GMT/UTC+0, so be sure to convert to your time zone if needed! You may also add the calendar to  your OWN Google Calendar which should auto-convert the events into your own calendar’s timezone.