The Hunt

What is this hunt everyone’s talking about/what does it lead to?
When this all began, we didn’t really know; other than that John started it, and every week he gave us a new clue to solve. That clue led us to a password that lets us into the forum ( for the week. In the forum each week, there is a post by isnotid.

During VidCon US 2017, it was revealed by John that he had finished a new book titled Turtles All the Way Down, which would be released on 10 October 2017.  It then became clear that the weekly posts by isnotid had led up to this very announcement.

What/when is Cluesday?
Cluesday was the twelve-ish hours following the time John’s video drops on Tuesday/Wednesday, depending on your time zone. Generally, the week’s forum was created about an hour before the video went live. The video was posted between 3-7 pm Eastern US time most weeks.

How long is the hunt?
It started in the “On Motivation” video from January 24, 2017. Besides one week John was on vacation, there has been a puzzle every week after that for 20 weeks, with the last “Cluesday” hunt on June 20 and the last hunt of the main journey on June 22, 2017. As far as we know, that may be the final hunt, but John didn’t rule out future hunts.

Where are the clues?
Sometimes John gives the clues in a YouTube comment, which he pins. Sometimes it’s in the video description. Sometimes it’s on another social media platform. Sometimes the clue is in the actual video.

How can I catch up? How DO I hunt?
So far, only one hunt (Week 12) depends on a previous hunt. You can jump in at any time! You can go back to “On Motivation” and work your way through each of John’s videos, or use the walkthrough forms (pinned in #onthehunt) for a more guided experience. They have minimal spoilers but can confirm or deny that you’re on the right path. There is also the Tuatara Report (also in the Google Drive) for all your spoiler-y needs. The Tuatara Report also includes the thought process and rabbit holes the “live” hunters ended up in.

In what order should I solve the different weeks?
You can solve them in any order, but a few are easier if you know how John and Rosianna build the clues. You may want to hold off on 2, 3, 9, and 14 until later. Note that 10 is a pretty short puzzle as it involved on-the-ground work in Amsterdam (you will have to use the report or walkthrough to finish that one).

Who is “isnotid”?
If you read all the posts, and what John has said so far about Turtles All the Way Down, you’ll notice a connection…