SteveTuataria has a custom bot!

His name is Steve, and he was created by Jonathan (the one with the cute dogs) with help from other Jonathan and Allison (he’s hosted in Australia on a server that was provided by Rith).

Steve’s main job is to help the modmins out with running Tuataria and its sideservers. To do this, he provides an actionlog (to track when people leave/join the server, deleted messages, and nickname changes. He also has some moderation commands (ban, kick, mute, and stuff like that). He provides a modlog to track when modmins use his moderation commands.

He also has some commands for normal users to use! He can convert units, timezones (beware that if you try to convert a timezone with a minute offset he might not work well for you), tell you how markdown works, give you links to a number of our Google Docs, and do some other cool things.

He has his own channel in Tuataria, #steves_tree, but he can be used outside the tree as long as the use flows with the conversation. Send a message that says “;help” in #steves_tree to get a link to Steve’s help doc, which will tell you more about him. If you want to know more about Steve, ask either one of the Jonathans (or Allison, or Rith).