Tuataria Houses

Over time, Tuataria developed several “mascots”: the Tuatara (duh), the Koala (our accidental idol), the Self Care Bunny (Rosianna’s creation), the Self Love Bird (ocean’s creation). Several wonderful members created house descriptions and adapted the Pottermore questions and answers to these glorious creatures. If you are interested, you can take the quiz and read more about your result below!

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Tuatara is the house that most values logic. Tuataras are inquisitive, intelligent, and always willing to learn. Unreliant on their emotions, Tuataras are often quick to analyze a situation and use logic to prescribe the best course of action. Innovative and clever, Tuataras frequently lead the charge in discovering solutions to the day’s interesting challenges. Have a question or concern? Ask a Tuatara! In addition to intelligence, Tuataras are often extremely wise, and know exactly how to apply their vast amounts of knowledge to (almost) any real world situation (unless emotions are involved – in which case you should probably ask your friendly neighborhood self-care bunny).


Self-love Bird is the house that most values genuineness. Self-love Birds are unique, expressive individuals and tend to be natural leaders. They are confident, extroverted, and just the slightest bit egocentric— but not in a bad way! These free spirits attribute their leadership skills to their strong sense of self and self-understanding. They know that what others might think makes them weird or different is really what makes them awesome! Being true to themselves is much more important than meeting external goals. Although Self-love Birds are generally extremely friendly, their clear sense of right and wrong sometimes gets them into arguments — don’t let them catch you lying or talking behind someone’s back, it’s a bad idea to be on the bad side of a Self-love Bird.


Self-care Bunny is the house that most values helping others. They’re warm, empathetic people-persons who are always looking out for their friends and family. Self-care Bunnies often go out of their way to help others, even for the smallest of problems — nothing makes a Self-care Bunny happier than bringing a smile to someone else’s face! Even though they’re very focused on others, Self-care Bunnies are also quite introverted and often need and enjoy spending time alone to recharge before going back out to face the world. They’re interested in figuring out how people tick, and are always happy to give advice or be a shoulder to cry on.


You can always count on a Koala — always. Koala is the house that most values determination. It’s very important to them that they are reliable in everything they do, so a Koala will never let you down. In addition to being loyal to a fault and friendly to everyone, Koalas are dedicated and hard-working — and with their can-do attitude, they never fail to complete a task (even if that means staying up all night). Although Koalas may seem unremarkable at first, they should never be underestimated — they can do pretty much anything through the sheer force of their awesomeness. They’re practical and analytical, and sometimes don’t quite get why other people get so caught up in superfluous tasks or worries. They know what needs to get done, and they do it.