Acts of Awesome

Do you have suggestions for more Acts of Awesome? Let any P4A Planner know!

Remember that in submitting your Acts of Awesome, you are more than welcome to blur or cover any identifying information you’re not comfortable sharing. If you do include personal information, it’s safe with us; anything submitted for the Kindness Challenge will be used only to verify your points and will not be shared or used to contact you outside of Tuataria’s discord server. Submissions can be viewed only by team members with access to the Kindness Challenge Google account and images will be deleted once points are verified.

Only acts with an “up to X times” listed have a limit – the others can be done as many times as you are able.


  • A01. Promote a charity on social media. Give a charitable organization of your choosing a shoutout on your favorite social media platform. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, anything you like! Send us a link to your post or a screenshot of it. +1 Awesome Point, up to 5 times.
  • A02. Donate rice on Answer trivia questions and donate 10 grains of rice for every correct answer! To count, your rice must be earned during the Kindness Challenge. +1 Awesome Point per 1000 grains of rice, up to 10 points.
  • A03. Collect hearts on Tab For A Cause. T4AC is a free browser extension that gives you a “heart” whenever you open a new tab. You can choose a nonprofit organization (or several) to receive your “hearts,” which they receive in the form of monetary donations. +1 Awesome Point per 100 hearts, up to 10 points.
  • A04. Register with Amazon Smile or a similar service that lets your online purchases contribute to a charity. +1 Awesome Point, up to 3 times for different services.
  • A05. Buy from a charity sale. This may include an event set up to benefit a charity (like a bake sale or art fair), or a shop selling items to directly benefit charity, or something else similar! If you’re not sure if something near you counts, feel free to ask. +2 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • A06. Vote for a Project for Awesome video! Donating directly isn’t the only way to support the P4A. Find a video you like that supports a charity you support, and give it your vote! +2 Awesome Points, up to 5 times.
  • A07. Donate new or used items to a charity, supply drive, or shelter. This may include gently used clothes, books and toys, non-perishable foods, personal items and toiletries, or home goods. If you’re donating outside of an organized drive or appeal, check with the charity to see what they need most – menstrual products, socks, and non-perishable proteins are often high on the list! +3 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • A08. Make something for a charity sale mentioned in the last act – like baking something or making a craft item! +4 Awesome Points, up to 4 events.
  • A09. Contribute to the Tuataria P4A video. Not everyone has the ability to make a full video on their own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help out! Check our #p4a_video channel. +5 Awesome Points.
  • A10. Donate something you made to a charity, supply drive, or shelter. A scarf for a winter clothing drive, a blanket (like Project Linus), homemade cards or notes – anything that involves both your making an effort and benefiting charity. +5 Awesome Points.
  • A11. Make a P4A video about a charity. Length, format, and the charity you support are up to you! Send us a link to your video, so we can help spread the charitable love. +10 Awesome Points.

Caring for the Environment

  • B01. Search using Ecosia. Ecosia is an eco-friendly search engine that uses the ad revenue from your searches to plant trees. It takes about 45 searches to plant a tree. Searches must be conducted during the Kindness Challenge to count. +1 Awesome Point per 45 searches.
  • B02. Use a reusable water bottle or coffee mug. Getting your drinks in a reusable container in a setting where disposable cups/bottles are the norm helps generate less trash and use less plastic. +1 Awesome Point (once only).
  • B03. Switch to a bamboo toothbrush. All toothbrushes wear out eventually, but a bamboo toothbrush will biodegrade when you have to throw it out. +1 Awesome Point (once only).
  • B04. Switch to a plastic-free cleaning or hygiene product, like bar shampoo or conditioner. Minimizing your use of single-use plastic helps reduce the amount of waste in the environment. +1 Awesome Point per type of product, up to 3 times.
  • B05. Say no to plastic drinking straws. Ask a restaurant not to include a straw with your drink, or if the straws are on the table, don’t take one! +1 Awesome Point, up to 5 times.
  • B06. Upgrade your toilet to save water. Put a brick, a mason jar of sand, or some other weighted item in your toilet’s water tank to reduce the amount of water used for every flush. +2 Awesome Points, once only.
  • B07. Use reusable cloth grocery bags when you go shopping, instead of the plastic option. (If your reusable bag isn’t cloth but is designed to be reused rather than throwaway plastic, it still counts!) +2 Awesome Points, up to 5 times.
  • B08. Commute sustainably. Take public transit, ride a bike, or walk somewhere you might otherwise drive. If it’s too far or unsafe to bike and you don’t have access to public transit, carpooling is another transport option that reduces your carbon footprint. +2 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • B09. Store and eat leftovers sustainably. Don’t throw away food that could be another meal! Make sure to use reusable, washable storage containers instead of throwaways. +2 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • B10. Acquire a reusable drinking straw. Take the refusal to waste plastic one step further and bring your own straw! +3 Awesome Points (once only).
  • B11. Buy damaged/discounted items at a local store. Things like dented cans, sticky or stained bottles, items that are undamaged but the packaging is ripped, products about to expire, etc. These are wasted and often thrown out if they don’t sell. +3 Awesome points, up to 3 times.
  • B12. Compost for a week. Save any biodegradable food trash and use it to feed your yard, garden, etc. There are lots of online resources to help you learn what is compostable as well as how to make a simple composter if you want to! One option to find a local composter may be ShareWaste. +3 Awesome Points, up to the number of weeks in the challenge.
  • B13. Pick up litter in a public place. Clean up your jogging route (“plogging”), do a beach sweep if you’re coastal, or just help tidy up wherever you happen to be! Any litter removal helps. +3 Awesome Points (no limit).
  • B14. Make (and display) a poster or flyer encouraging recycling. Help educate your community about an easy way to protect the earth. +3 Awesome Points.
  • B15. Create or help tend a garden. This can be a garden you have, or a local community garden. This one may seem easier if it’s summer – if it’s winter where you are, keeping garden spaces clear of things like rocks and debris can help too! +4 Awesome Points (once only).
  • B16. Make a bird feeder/house/bath for a local species. Something similar like a bat house or a bee garden would count as well – help make a local animal species welcome. Be sure to read up on the local species in your area, what they eat, and what to do and not do! Your area may have information on how to best protect endangered species, or avoid helping invasive species. +5 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.

Supporting Science, Health, & Education

  • C01. Donate your computing power. Use a free resource like Folding@Home, Seti@Home, or similar to donate your spare computing power for science research. +1 Awesome Point.
  • C02. Play computer games to support science education. Check out this website for some fun science-based computer games that use game data to further research. (If you can find other games with the same purpose, they’ll count too.) +1 Awesome Point per game played, up to 10 times.
  • C03. Become an organ donor. It’s possible you’re already a donor – in some places you’re automatically registered as a donor, and in some places you can opt in when you get your driver’s license. Find out your status, and if you’re not a donor, sign up! If you’re already an organ donor, that counts too. +2 Awesome Points (once only).
  • C04. Join the bone marrow registry. Most people who are on the registry are never called, but every extra possible match increases the chances of saving lives. The US link is here; if you need help finding the link for your country, don’t hesitate to ask. +3 Awesome Points.
  • C05. Practice another language on Duolingo. Maintain a 7-day streak or earn at least 70 XP in a week in a language you’re not fluent in. +4 Awesome Points per 7 days of streak/70 weekly points, up to 4 times.
  • C06. Help researchers on Zooniverse. You can choose a project to work on in a field that interests you. Each project is going to require something a little different depending on who’s conducting the research – choose one that works for you. +5 Awesome Points per project worked on, up to 8 times.
  • C07. Take a First Aid course. Any kind of formal (or semi-formal) education that teaches you about health, medicine, and/or first aid will count! It does have to be completed at least partially during the challenge to get points (but it will decrease worldsuck any time of year). +5 Awesome Points (once only).
  • C08. Donate blood or assist with a blood drive. If for some reason you’re unable to donate blood, offer your help with something like registration or providing snacks to donors. +6 Awesome Points.
  • C09. Make a vlogbrothers-style educational video. Choose a topic you want to help people learn more about, and make a video about it! Share the link to your video. +10 Awesome Points (once only).

Improving Self & Community

  • D01. Leave 5 positive comments for YouTubers with fewer than 1000 subscribers. Help someone who’s just getting started or doesn’t have a big following by letting them know you appreciate their efforts. +1 Awesome Point per 5 comments, up to 10 times.
  • D02. Hide encouraging notes in books at your local library or bookstore. Nerdfighter notes are a great example of this, but it can be any book and it doesn’t have to be nerdfighter themed. +1 Awesome Point per note, up to 10 times.
  • D03. Leave encouraging notes in public. A simple post-it note wishing someone a good day can make things a little brighter. Help make someone smile. Put them on bathroom mirrors, bulletin boards, and more! Just make sure you’re allowed to post things there, because breaking the rules isn’t awesome. +1 Awesome Point per note, up to 10 times.
  • D04. Make a positive gesture to an employee at a business. Most consumers only leave comment cards for bad service or talk to managers to complain – take some time to be appreciative of good customer service. Examples of how this could be achieved are leaving a positive comment card or giving your waiter a(n extra large) tip! +2 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • D05. Use your local library. Check out a book, attend a program, participate in an activity – make use of one of the many services your library offers. +2 Awesome Points, up to 4 times.
  • D06. Write to your government representative(s) about an issue that matters to you. Online resources can help you find out who your representatives are and how best to contact them, and Tuatarians can help too. +2 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • D07. Register to vote. If you’re already registered, that counts too. If you’re not old enough to vote, check that your parents or another adult family member are registered. +2 Awesome Points (once only).
  • D08. Support a local kid’s project. Whether it’s a lemonade stand, a school fundraiser, or something else entirely, let a local kid know their community supports them. +2 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • D09. Choose a healthier meal option. Order fruit or a salad instead of fries or chips, or make your lunch with whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Make an effort to eat healthier. +2 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • D10. Random Act of Kindness! Anything that doesn’t otherwise fit, but you feel is contributing to decreasing worldsuck and creating kindness in the world. +2 Awesome Points, up to 5 times.
  • D11. Add/correct subtitles on a YouTube (or other internet video). This includes adding captions to a video with sound, adding written subtitles to a sign-language video, or adding a translation of existing subtitles on a video in a second language. +3 points per 10 minutes of video, up to 10 times.
  • D12. Write a thank-you note to a service worker. It can be any kind of service worker, from emergency responders to people in the military to your postman or trash pickup workers. Just write and deliver a tangible note thanking someone who provides a service. +3 Awesome Points (no limit).
  • D13. Help an outdoor worker hydrate. Working outdoors can be exhausting – especially in extreme weather. If it’s hot, offer outdoor workers something like water or Gatorade; if it’s cold, try offering a hot drink. +3 Awesome Points (no limit).
  • D14. Thank a teacher who had an impact on you. Teachers are important figures in our lives and often go underappreciated. Take a moment to appreciate a teacher who was important to you. +3 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • D15. Read an #ownvoices book about another culture. #ownvoices is a movement encouraging people to read books about marginalized cultures by members of those cultures. Tell us what you read and your thoughts on the book! +3 Awesome Points.
  • D16. Leave a book in a Little Free Library or other free book exchange in your community. Tell us what you left for others, and if you like, take a book to read! +3 Awesome Points, up to 5 times.
  • D17. Write a letter to the editor of a news source you read (or a similar style opinion piece). The issue can be anything you feel strongly about. +3 Awesome Points, up to 5 times.
  • D18. Take someone out for coffee and conversation. (Or tea, cocoa, snacks, etc.) It can be a friend, a family member, a colleague you want to get to know better – anyone you think would enjoy a nice time and a free drink. +3 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • D19. Shop in a local or family-owned business. Show your support for businesses within your community! +3 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • D20. Make and display a poster encouraging neighborhood safety. The specific topic is up to you, but put your poster somewhere it can be seen and help your community. +3 Awesome Points.
  • D21. Read a book by a local author. Many public libraries and bookstores will have a section for local authors, but if yours doesn’t, you can usually find a list on the internet or ask an employee of the library or bookstore. Unsure if something you found qualifies as local? Feel free to define it for yourself! +3 Awesome Points.
  • D22. Buy a stranger’s coffee, tea, etc. Some shops have designated pay-it-forward tools to buy a coffee for a stranger in need; in other shops you may have to be a bit more proactive and say “hi, I’d like to pay for their order too.” However you do it, treat a stranger to something. +3 Awesome Points (no limit).
  • D23. Give someone a handmade gift or card for no reason. Gifts and cards are often expected on holidays, but giving one “just because” is a great way to make someone feel valued. Birthday and holiday gifts don’t count for this! +3 Awesome Points, up to 5 times.
  • D24. Visit with residents of a senior center, like a retirement home, assisted living facility, or community day program. Play a board game, share a meal, or just sit and chat for a while! The intent of this act is to visit seniors who you wouldn’t otherwise; please don’t count your own relatives who you would visit anyway. +4 Awesome Points.
  • D25. Make a weather-appropriate care package for the homeless. Fill a ziplock bag with supplies to help survive the season (examples: sunscreen, bug spray, and a sun hat for summer, or a warm scarf and gloves for winter), and leave it with a shelter or in an area frequented by homeless people in your community. +4 Awesome Points.
  • D26. Make a meal or special treat for someone. It can be as simple as making box-mix cookies for your coworkers or as complicated as an elaborate four-course meal for your mom – make some food for someone you wouldn’t normally serve food to. +4 Awesome Points, up to 3 times.
  • D27. Take flowers or sweet treats to a hospital nurses station. People often bring treats for hospital patients, but rarely for their caretakers. +5 Awesome Points.
  • D28. Exercise 30 minutes a day, five days a week. This is the recommended amount of exercise. If you’re just not able to do this, exercise as much as you can, because every little bit helps. Make sure to warm up first so you don’t hurt yourself! +5 Awesome Points, up to the number of weeks in the challenge.
  • D29. Do someone’s chores for free. And not your normal chores – do some yard work for a neighbor, help someone move, walk a neighbor’s pet, take out the trash, help them clean their place, anything that helps! +5 Awesome Points, up to 5 times.
  • D30. Deliver a baked good or thank-you gift to a local emergency station. Some places have rules about what types of gifts they’re allowed to accept (for example, some may not be able to accept homemade baked goods or food at all), so call ahead to find out what would be the best way to say thank you to rescue workers. +6 Awesome Points.
  • D31. Volunteer locally! A local school, food bank/pantry, religious organization, political organization, or with any other non-profit or community group. If you’re giving of your time and energy to help make your community better, you’re decreasing worldsuck! +7 Awesome Points, up to 8 times.