Perks: Individual Awesome Points

For each milestone you meet, you’ll get the items for that milestone AND all the milestones before it.

  • 1 point: A FABULOUS P4A 2018 Kindness Challenge role in Tuataria to let the whole world (er, server) know how awesome you are! AND one of the Kindness Challenge podcasts of your choosing (full list further down).
  • 5 points: A flash fiction mini story written just for you, by Divi.
  • 10 points: A SECOND Kindness Challenge podcast of your choosing (full list further down).
  • 15 points: Your choice of personalized art from Salixa (chibi), Will (pet), or Niji (calligraphy).
  • 20 points: A THIRD Kindness Challenge podcast of your choosing (full list further down).
  • 25 points: A personalized playlist, crafted for you by Roz, Bear, Wilko, Kitcat, Cath, Erin, or James (Felofhe).
  • 30 points: ALL of the Kindness Challenge podcasts (full list further down).
  • 40 points: Nerdfighter art from Alys.
  • 50 points: Be a part of Meg and Bex Wreck This Journal
  • 60 points: Be a sim in Ketie’s LP.
  • 70 points: Receive a postcard in the mail from a modmin or member of the Kindness Challenge planning team!
  • 80 points: A choice of a SECOND personalized art (15 point perk) or playlist (25 point perk)
  • 100 points: A discount code for any purchase on, your friendly neighborhood e-tailer! Generously provided by Victoria Bongiorno and DFTBA.

Podcasts available will include:

  • My Asshole Twin and Me Part 2.5 (Jonathan, Jonathan, and Kath)
  • AnthropoMEME (Kitcat, Will, Raven, and Hannah)
  • EmbrACE Romance (Sean P and Jane)
  • Bear Questions (Bear and Pat)
  • We Don’t Have A Title But It’s a Science Podcast (Meg and Ali)
  • And (probably) more!

Community Participant Goals

  • 25 participants: A Kindness Challenge logo emoji, surviving through the end of the P4A.
  • 100 participants: Participants will be able to challenge the members of the planning team to a vlogbrothers-style punishment.

Community Point Goals

These are perks that will be unlocked for the whole community as we reach total collective point goals!

    • 50 total points: A Wreck This Journal video from Meg and Bex
    • 100 total points: An audiobook of AART Chapters 1-2 from Bex.
    • 250 total points: Nerdfighter-related paper snowflake patterns from tlcminer.
    • 500 total points: Carl knitting pattern from Allison.
    • 750 total points: Carl latchhook pattern from Will.
    • 1000 total points: A pizza making / AMA livestream with Alipeli.
    • 1111 total points: 10 minute photo challenge from Meg and Bex.
    • 1234 total points: A video about the science of farts from Meg.
    • 1250 total points: Needlefelt tutorials from Salixa and Alice.
    • 1500 total points: Science videos from Mels.
    • 1750 total points: British Hank & John from Wilko.
    • 2000 total points: The Meg and Bex photo challenge will be done in dance costumes.
    • 2442 total points: A video on a history topic the community chooses from Diana.
    • 2500 total points: A video on the social model v medical model of disability from Erin
    • 3000 total points: A ridiculously cute (but I’m biased) holiday outfit photoshoot of Charlie the miniature dachshund, from Allison