Perks 2022

Perks are looking a little different this year…. This year, instead of having pre-announced perks, we are doing “pop-up” challenges with perks. Individuals who wish to provide a perk will a challenge to Tuatarians (it could be number of participants, number of points gained in a certain amount of time, and more). Once that goal is reached, the perk will happen!!

Are there any pre-announced perks? Yes!! All participants who earn one point will be able to have the highly coveted KC P4A 2022 role. Also, the top 10 point earners at the end of the challenge will be rewarded the temporary Master of Kindness golden role.

How can I offer a “pop-up” perk? DM any member with the “P4A Planner” role to offer up your challenge. Note: It is highly requested that when you offer your challenge that you give a predetermined date and time that you will fulfill this perk

Why the change? In the past, we have had a large number of unfulfilled perks. The hope from the planning team is that this change will prevent a large amount of unfulfilled perks and/or individuals overcommitting themselves. There is also a hope to focus more on the acts being done rather than the perk being rewarded.